Paul Grimm
Nordstr. 1
65620 Waldbrunn-Fussingen
Das Monument von Rhodos



Flourish and break-open bud with a upwards sprout combined with fire and sunreflectors
It is an attempt to express the idea of the monument with abstract forms.
The forms in the lower part are coming from a circle and are taking over from the circulating atoms and are a reference to the discovery of the atoms in the classical Greece.
Also it stands in connection with the arcs of the surrounding  buildings, so that the monument is integrated in the surrounding area.
The form of the volutes remembers on the capital of the Ionian columns and the hollow baton on the pedestal remembers on the canelures.
Also the kyma on the tie up remembers on the Greece temples.
At the balustrade of the platform in the upper third part and at the top of the monument shall fixed red prismatic telescopes at the sun-sides which are reflecting the sunlight.
So the sunlight can be integrated in this composition – a symbol for the god Helios and not a coloss.
The sun also is a symbol for living and growthing.
Around the platform shall be fixed a garland of solitary fire-flames and also around the subsequent column-part upwards and in the middle of the upper part of the monument.
The fire which should only burning for especial occasions also symbolizes Helios, the god of the sun. (The sun consisting of fire ).
Furthermore the fire-flames remembers on the Olympic  games and should inflamed also for this occasion.
The two asymmetrical arcs bow down to each other symbolizes the synergy of the nations in this world in fraternity expressed through the movement strives upwards to the top.
The asymmetry stands for the pluralistic manysideness versatility of the nations which find together in the platform to a common peaceful destination – into the new millenium and going up in the universe.

The monument is comparable with an breaking-open bud which is growing up with her sprout towards to the sun, spreading-out herself and symbolizing a new beginning – a new beginning in a good future.
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